Welcome to EasyList.
EasyList was designed by birders for birders. It was created to have the ease and familiarity of a conventional paper check list with the power of a computer database. With EasyList, you only enter and print as much data as you desire. You don't have to open a new record for every house sparrow you see! Unlike other bird listing programs, EasyList uses one record for an entire "event", not for an individual bird. You only enter in notes for birds when you want to.

Now for the instructions.The main window is the Birds-Layout. The Layout selection pop-down menu is in the upper left. All the subsequent layouts have to do with printing. Since each record is a new event, you must create an new record with the new record button top center. To the left of the bird list is a set of radio buttons that allow you to choose the section of the list that you want to check off. The birds are listed by taxonomic order. radio Most birders are familiar with this order, and after a few checklists it will become second nature. Check off the birds you've seen for the event or record, such as a life list or a weekly bird list.

To the right of each check box is a radio button. Click the button and a Notes field and Image box will appear. notesbutton Here you can enter in notes and/or add your own image of a bird. Only check the birds you want to write notes and/or add images for. When you are finished, choose the Summary tab at the top to see your bird list. Click on Count to see your total bird count for the list.For each 200 birds you list choose another summary tab and update the count.

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